Meghan McCain Blocks D.C. Gossip Columnist

Meghan McCain, The Daily Beast Columnist, Dirty Sexy Politics author and daughter to Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), has blocked Washington Examiner gossip columnist Nikki Schwab on Twitter. To Schwab, the act felt out of the blue and unfounded. “Very strange,” Schwab said Sunday when asked about it.  “Perhaps she didn’t like our coverage of her book or the fact that we’ve published some of her more, ummmm, entertaining Tweets.”

Schwab said she first discovered McCain had blocked her on Sunday, but wasn’t sure if it had been for far longer than that. Her tweets on the subject will not likely endear her to McCain or get her reinstated anytime soon.

“@McCainBlogette blocked me from following her on Twitter? Really?”

“And @yeasandnays didn’t even cover the fact that she ditched out on her book tour to take a trip to Vegas. Ouch.”

“Also, just a Twitter FYI, @McCainBlogette. Even when you block somebody they can still see what you’re Tweeting.”

McCain, so far, has not responded to Schwab over Twitter. We’ve requested comment through McCain’s publicist and will bring it to you should it arrive. Below is what it looks like to be blocked by McCain and what Schwab sees when she logs on.