Meghan McCain Attempts Humor. Fails.

Meghan McCain, a columnist for the Daily Beast and the daughter of Arizona Sen. John McCain, published late last night an account of what a 2012 general election match-up between Sarah Palin and Charlie Sheen might look like. Somehow, the idea got past her editor and the story was actually written and published.

Some gems:

  • Palin picks Donald Trump to be her running mate. “If elected, in addition to governing the country, the duo will also appear on a crossover edition of The Apprentice: Alaska,” McCain writes. Funny!
  • McCain apparently fantasizes about (a) being the topic of a question in a presidential debate moderated by Rachel Maddow and (b) hanging out with Sheen. She writes (as Sheen): “[Takes a long drag from his cigarette.] I invited Meghan on my private campaign bus but she wouldn’t come. Do you think Bristol would be down to hang?” Fake Palin responds: “Not unless you want to deal with this hockey mom.” Amusing!
  • And maybe the best part of all: Fake Palin says, “I’m proud to say that in Alaska, we don’t consume warlock drinks,” to which Fake Sheen says, “She’s no goddess.” Hysterical!

In just two short pages, McCain managed to reference every overused meme and exhausted joke about both Sheen and Palin. And with some interesting grammar along the way: “The following scene is the opening debates…” (Maybe an editor didn’t look at this column after all).