Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous

Remember the old Robin Leach Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous punchline “champagne wishes and caviar dreams?” We certainly do, and it came to mind while reading one of the choice anecdotes in Daniel Miller and Matthew Belloni’s Hollywood Reporter magazine cover story about flamboyant (and now embattled) founder Kim Dotcom (a.k.a. Kim Schmitz).

The reporters were unable to secure an interview with Dotcom. But they did correspond via email with Maximillion Cooper (that’s not a typo; that’s how he spells his first name), founder of the cross-continental car rally Gumball 3000. Cooper says he galavanted for a decade around the globe with Dotcom, and remembers one St. Tropez incident in particular:

Cooper recalls a memorable 2001 trip to the south of France on the 264-foot Golden Odyssey, which features a mosaic-tiled swimming pool, gym and coral-reef aquarium that spans two decks. For lunch, Cooper, Schmitz and a “huge entourage” that included what Cooper describes as “Aryan” bodyguards all took speedboats to the shore for lobster and champagne.

All the while, Cooper says, Schmitz’s “helicopter hovered above us with his personal film crew and additional security to take photos.” Cooper claims the lunch cost upward of $100,000 and was paid for with “suitcases of cash arriving by boat.”

At press time, Miller and Belloni’s look at Dotcom’s colorful life is the most viewed story at And FishbowlLA predicts it will stay that way for several days, as the world remains fascinated by this larger-than-life German. To read the article, click here.

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