Hollywood Studios Monitor Megaupload.com Legal Battle

If the ongoing issue of video piracy was recast as a Bond film, say under the title Download Another Day, the perfect guy to play the villain would be obese German bad guy Kim Schmitz (pictured). He flaunts the power of his family of “Mega” storage websites, legally changes his name to Kim Dotcom (seriously), and cavorts in YouTube videos with bikinied babes.

In lieu of this, we must make do with adult website Perfect10.com. Per CNET media reporter Greg Sandoval, the company has filed a California copyright infringement complaint against Megaupload.com and quickly obtained a small prize:

Some in Hollywood have said in off-the-record conversations that they were surprised Megaupload responded to the complaint. Why? Mystery, it seems, was its best defense. Megaupload was believed to be based in Hong Kong and rumored to operate servers in obscure corners of the world. The company ignored past requests to remove pirated material from its service and seemed satisfied to thumb its nose at copyright laws as it operated in the shadows. Even Schmitz’ role at Megaupload, despite his personal flamboyance, was unclear.

Sandoval managed to get confirmation from Megaupload.com spokesperson Bonnie Lam that Schmitz is indeed tied to the company. He also reconfirms the latest fat guy details, namely that he is currently living in a $30 million New Zealand mansion and underwriting Auckland fireworks displays.

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