Megapop releases tower defense game Trolls vs Vikings on iOS


Oslo, Norway based Megapop has announced the launch of Trolls vs Vikings on iOS devices. The tower defense game switches the expected role of characters, as the trolls are the good guys, fighting against oppressive vikings. The game will be instantly familiar to fans of PopCap’s Plants vs Zombies, as players guard their troll villages from vikings appearing on the right side of the screen.

In each level of Trolls vs Vikings, players use troll warriors to attack vikings before they can pillage the trolls’ village. Players collect moonstones that appear on the ground, and can spend these on units with different strengths and abilities. Miners bash the ground and trigger the appearance of more moonstones, while Punks will shoot their slingshots at oncoming opponents, as examples.


Troops can be dragged and dropped around the stage to guard different lanes, and the game aims to offer challenge to both new players and veterans alike via its multiple difficulty levels. Some troops heal automatically when out of combat, while others become more expensive to purchase after large quantities are already active in a level.

Megapop says Trolls vs Vikings offers at least 30 hours of gameplay for players, including boss fights against the likes of Thor, Odin and Loki.

Trolls vs Vikings is only available in single player for now, but a multiplayer mode is coming soon. The game is available to download for free on iOS. Check back soon to follow Trolls vs Vikings on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.