LA Comedy Writer Leverages Twitter ‘Fast-Forward Career Button’

There are essentially two kinds of “overnight Twitter success:” the carefully planned, deliberate variety and the purely accidental. In an interview piece today in the Boston Globe, 23-year-old LA transplant Megan Amram (pictured), at 52,000-plus followers and counting, confirms that she belongs to the latter group:

Amram considers herself only semi-computer literate and opened her Twitter account just a year ago, when she dreamed of launching a career writing Broadway musicals. That remains a goal, but for now it’s the new media world, not the old, that’s driving her career and catching the eye of show business insiders.

You may not have heard of Amram, but the Harvard grad is on the LA fast track, working as a staff writer for Disney Channel sitcom A.N.T. Farm and providing material for the 2010 Academy Awards. At Harvard, she wrote a couple of Hasty Pudding playlets, Commie Dearest and Acropolis Now, with collaborator Alexandra Petri, now an opinion writer with the Washington Post.

Portland native Amram has also recently signed with William Morris Endeavor and has a YouTube channel that mirrors her wise-cracking Twitter personality. As far as this year’s Oscars gig, that came about after show host Anne Hathaway remembered Amram from a Hasty Pudding roast event.