Meez Puts Out Call on MySpace

NEW YORK The fast-growing teen community Web site Meez, which allows users to create avatars, play games and meet with friends, has integrated its fledgling virtual world Meez Nation with MySpace’s platform in an effort to attract more users.

Starting next week, Meez Nation — where users can interact in public virtual spaces or private rooms — will be full integrated within MySpace, enabling visitors to easily join and visit the digital world. As part of the integration, the News Corp.-owned social networking site will also feature Meez Nation on its home page — and users will be alerted when their friends begin using Meez. was originally started as destination Web site where users, mostly teens, could create avatars that could then be imported to other sites and social networks. More recently, Meez introduced a new rewards system, via which users can earn or purchase a virtual currency called Coinz. Pre-paid Meez Coinz Cards are now sold at retailers such as Target and Best Buy.

Last June, the site launched the ad-supported Meez Nation — a competitor to other teen-targeted virtual/social networks like Habbo and Gaia Online. According to Meez CEO John Cahill, it now reaches 3 million unique users, who average around three hours per month on the site. Recent advertisers include Rocawear and Walmart.

Not every visitor to visits Meez Nation, however. So Cahill is turning to MySpace’s monster audience for a traffic boost. “The problem isn’t that we can’t monetize audience,” he said. “The problem is that we don’t have enough users.”

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