Meeter Launches Smart Meeting Service on iOS, Android

Meeter allows users to schedule meetings instantly, based on the free time of all attendees.


Meeter has today launched its iOS and Android app out of beta, providing users with what it calls a “smart meeting” service, and a single, central hub for information relating to one’s meetings and meeting participants. The app is launching with a $900,000 seed round of funding to expand its functionality.

With Meeter, users can sync their Google, Outlook and other calendars into one hub, and schedule meetings of up to 100 participants at a time, with a focus on ensuring all users are free before the invites are sent through email or social media. That is, Meeter analyzes each user’s calendars, as well as preferences (blocked times or days, for instance), and recommends the best meeting times, based on the schedules and settings of each attendee.

The theory is, using Meeter would eliminate the need to send emails or texts back and forth between multiple users to find a time that works for everyone. Email invitations can also be sent to users without the app.

Meeter’s standard calendar view keeps track of all upcoming meetings, including those not scheduled through Meeter. As meetings take place, the app provides insights into who users have met with, how frequently these meetings occur and more. Once users connect their Meeter accounts to their calendars, these insights are provided for both past and future events, so some past data is instantly available.

Going one step further, Meeter will analyze the user’s schedule, and suggest potentially constructive future meetings with the aim of increasing overall workplace productivity and retaining business connections.

In a statement, Niv Kagan, CEO and founder of Meeter, commented on the app:

Meetings today are a major drain on the workforce productivity. Our mission is to optimize meetings and automatically organize data so a significant portion of your day that is currently spent on setting them up, can be made productive. With Meeter, people will be able to easily collaborate about meetings; creating one place that immediately serves as an archive for meetings. Setting up meetings instantly is a crucial first step and we’re delivering that with an intelligent app that is easy to use, has universal application, and is non-intrusive.

Meeter is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.