Meet Wikipedia’s New Boss Lila Treitkov


Oddly enough, this came from her Wikipedia page

It’s no secret Wikipedia has incurred its fair share of perception issues.

Just take a gander on the Web and you will find a plethora of articles about distrusting its information because of rogue “editors,” pages that are made by trolls just to besmirch any range of people, or how about its TrustRank is fading like a chin lift on Bruce Jenner.

Yet, it remains one of the most influential and highly searched websites on the planet, so things can’t be so bad, right? Whelp, things are about to get much better if you ask Wikimedia (the nonprofit that runs Wikipedia) bigwigs as Lila Treitkov just became its executive director.

Based on a story from re/code, Treitkov, who was born and raised in the Soviet Union, was formerly chief product officer at SugarCRM, having worked at the business software company since 2006.

Tretikov said in a statement, “When I got the news, I thought, ‘This is big in every way: A big website — the fifth most popular in the world. A big community — 80,000 active Wikimedians from around the globe. And a big mission — nothing less than making the sum of all human knowledge freely available to all.’”

She has a considerable amount of work to do for Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia co-founder, and the rest of the brand’s credibility, but they think she is the woman for the job.

“As growing numbers of people around the world rely on Wikipedia and our sister projects for free information, our movement will be strengthened by the leadership of Lila Tretikov,” said Jan-Bart de Vreede, Wikimedia foundation board chair. “She is an exceptional leader with a passion for knowledge, a deep technical and product background, and highly collaborative approach. We are all very excited to have brought her on-board.”

Get that? We swapped her for Edward Snowden. I’d say “Advantage: USA.”