Meet Twitter’s Newest Official Account: @TwitterAds

If there was any doubt that 2012 would be the year that Twitter really geared up its advertising products, let that now be banished. The company has unveiled a brand new official Twitter account – and a shiny new blog to go along with it – called @TwitterAds today.

The @TwitterAds account describes itself as an account that “tweets for brands”. It also includes a link to the new Twitter Advertising Blog in its bio, and so far has tweeted a few interesting tidbits.

It’s first tweet was a general introduction to the world, saying “hello” from the advertising team and letting everyone know that there was a blog attached to the account as well. Next, @TwitterAds went on to tweet three times more and retweet once about Adam Bain, Twitter’s President of Revenue, presenting at IAB MIXX, a yearly marketing conference.

The other side of the equation, the Advertising Blog, explains in more detail a bit about what the account and blog will discuss in the coming weeks. Being Advertising Week in New York, Twitter’s launch of its own advertising blog and account seems rather auspicious.

The blog post notes that the number of advertisers currently using Twitter’s promoted products has swelled from just a handful to 1,600, and that promoted products see some of the best engagement rates on the web: sometimes as high as 5 percent.

In the future, this blog will be the place to go for official information on Twitter advertising. It promises to explore “the latest information about our advertising products, share best practices and provide case studies” about the brands sending out promoted tweets, trends and accounts.