Meet Tom Evans, PR Man for the Apocalypse

When we write about about the “revolving door” of the PR industry here at PRNewser, usually the people in question move to other jobs on this planet. Tom Evans, representative for Family Radio will be moving to a position in Heaven tomorrow, or so he believes.

Needless to say, Evans is focusing his media relations efforts on stuff that will get done before the rapture, skipping numerous requests from documentary filmmakers, according to a profile in The Good Men Project Magazine.

Evans is a self taught PR pro, who’s been with Family Radio for 25 years in various roles.  He fell in to his current position after sitting in, and helping Family Radio’s president Harold Camping deal with a press interview.  Evans’ job isn’t wacky, not from his perspective anyway.  He really thinks the sh*& will hit the fan tomorrow.  If you don’t believe he believes, check out the video of him talking about his two young children, shot by a San Francisco Chronicle reporter (below).  We’re sure Evans will indeed have a job next week–at a non-celestial altitude.  Family Radio whipped up the same frenzy in 1994, when Camping got his apocalyptic math wrong the first time.