Meet the Wonkettes

After a schizophrenic (and certainly not always funny) week of rotating bloggers over at, the site entered its post-Cox period today, unveiling its new site design and two new authors today. David Lat and Alex Pareene (an adorable couple, really) entered the fray by warning readers “it could be some time before we remember which one is the Capitol and which one is the capital, stop asking people what happened to all the letters and numbers on the subway map, and learn to suppress our slack-jawed amazement when we actually see someone reading the Washington Times (in public!), but we’re quick studies.”

It’s far too early to tell what direction they’ll take the site (although it should be noted that Ms. Cox seems to have made sure that the redesign didn’t include removing her cartoon caricature from the website’s header), but we will say this:

Are we the only ones who think that Mr. Pareene sort of looks like Blossom?


On their first day out of the gates, the boys made it abundantly clear that the low-blows aren’t just a thing of the past:

    It may not be the most appropriate time to make fun of ABC News, what with everyone who works there dying, being forced into retirement, or getting blown up, but when they stop and wonder why journalists are being targeted in Iraq, someone needs to remind them that they go around using phrases like “truth squad” and “electronic town square.”

Aw, sweet, precious Wonkette. Always there to put the “ass” in “class.”

Blogger feedback after the jump…


James Wolcott: “Wonkette has been removed, Counterpunch substituted.” “Wonkette looks like they want to be a little more pink now that Ana Marie has flown the coop.” “It was one thing to have a persona who was constantly drunk, in a sort of Dean Martin-ish way, and obsessed with anal sex; it’s another to have two guys who look like they were pulled out of a line for Madonna tickets in 1991. But let’s give them the benefit of the doubt — they’ve only fucked up twice so far (one “update” making nice about Janet Reno, one Latin correction).”

Gawker: “Wonkette: Now Even Dickier!”

Boi From Troy: “But with Ana Marie Cox no longer in the house, I have to wonder how long we’ll have to go before we hear about ass-f*cking?!? It’s their first day, so I’ll give them a pass, but Wonkette Watch may soon become “Days without Ass-F*cking Watch” if these guys are too prude (currently, the total is SIX DAYS WITHOUT ANY ASS-F*CKING)! If anything else, it will be a good way to release my own sexual frustrations.

Modern Fabulousity
: “they look like awfully big poofter sissies.”

Out There: “We’re no longer the gayest blog on the Internets. Look at these two queens over at Wonkette!”