Meet The Turdpolisher

Meet Rick Portier, aka the Turdpolisher. He’s a 43-year-old news photographer for the CBS affiliate in Baton Rouge who keeps a blog of his adventures working in tv news. We just stumbled on his blog and it’s some of the best bitter journalist ranting we’ve ever seen:

I had the pleasure of working with, or should I say learning from, Randy Tatano many moons ago in a place we not-so-lovingly refer to as hell. It was a crowded, ratty-assed newsroom long over-due a Ty Pennington extreme station make-over. The photogs were grumpy; the deskie was Hitler, and budget cuts had separated the news director from his last bit of sanity.

Hell, the guy even manages to write a spot-on description of covering a sludge spill. Shine on, Turdpolisher. Shine on.