Meet The Press Meets The Candidates

From the release:

    As the most-watched Sunday morning public affairs program in America and the longest-running television program in the world, “Meet the Press” has had proud history of presenting its viewers with the very best in-depth political coverage. This presidential election cycle will be no exception.

    Starting this Sunday, February 4, 2007 and continuing throughout the presidential primary/caucus process, “Meet the Press” will present in-depth, live interviews with candidates running for the White House. The “Meet the Candidates” series kicks off on Sunday with 2008 Democratic Presidential candidate former Sen. John Edwards (D-NC). The exclusive interview will be conducted by moderator Tim Russert, and will originate live, from the NBC studios in Washington, D.C.

    Said executive producer Betsy Fischer, “There is no other place in television where viewers can watch such serious, comprehensive and thorough questioning as they can on ‘Meet the Press.’ It’s been dubbed the “Russert Primary,” and it’s a chance to really find out who these candidates are and what they believe.”

    For upcoming guests, please check weekly listings on the “Meet the Press” website at or sign up for the MTP free weekly newsletter online at

    Video of the series will be archived and available to watch on-demand at In addition, viewers can watch the “Meet the Press Netcast” and download both an audio and video podcast every Sunday after 1 PM ET.

    Betsy Fischer is the executive producer of “Meet the Press.” Michelle Jaconi and Rebecca Samuels are the producers.