‘Meet the Press’ Guest Host Chris Jansing’s Thank You to Staff

Screen-Shot-2014-08-24-at-9.58.45-PMNBC News senior White House correspondent Chris Jansing yesterday guest-hosted “Meet the Press,” and afterward sent a thank you to staff for their support.

“I can’t tell you how your support calmed my nerves and made my prep as good as it could be,” Jansing wrote in the email.

In May, NBC announced that effective in June, Jansing would relocate from New York where she hosted “Jansing and Co.” on MSNBC, to DC for a promotion as senior White House correspondent. Back in Washington covering the White House for less than two months, she’s already guest hosted the network’s most iconic news program.

Last Sunday, Andrea Mitchell guest-hosted “MTP,” days after David Gregory was ousted as moderator, to be replaced Sept. 7 by Chuck Todd.

Click through for Jansing’s thank you to “MTP” staff.

From: Jansing, Christine (NBCUniversal, MSNBC)
Sent: Sunday, August 24, 2014 12:06 PM
Subject: thank you!!!

Team MTP,

Growing up in a very politically aware family, I honestly can’t remember a time when I didn’t watch Meet The Press. And moving to the White House a scant six weeks ago, it never crossed my mind that I would be hosting it. But as your fearless leaders Rob and Shawna assured me, you are a smart, dedicated, well oiled, AMAZING team , and you made me feel so welcome. As an aside – I heartily recommend that if you’re ever going to a remote area of a developing nation, consider taking Rob and Shawna along! In the meantime, I can’t tell you how your support calmed my nerves and made my prep as good as it could be. It’s been a long year, I know, but great things are ahead. I am truly proud to have been part of the transition to the next act of this historic and FANTASTIC program.