Meet The NYT‘s Newest Online Tool: Times Skimmer


Amidst rumors that The New York Times is looking to its blogs to cut costs, the Gray Lady launched a new online tool today giving readers a new way to view the paper’s content.

Called the Times Skimmer, the newest Times tool has seven different layout options, including “fridge,” which displays headlines, bylines and ledes of top stories as if they were magnetic poetry on a blackboard. It gave us a headache, but to each his own.

According to our colleagues at WebNewser, Times Skimmer launched as a prototype application earlier this year, but some changes have been made since then, such as moving the navigation menu to the right and opening articles in pop-up windows that are integrated with the rest of the application.

We like the look of the Skimmer — our favorite visualization is “proirity” — but we still don’t think it will replace the Times on our RSS reader. Have you checked out Times Skimmer yet? What do you think?

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