Meet the FishbowlDC Intern Part II

We’re two days away from the reveal. Today we pester our new intern with more questions. So far he’s holding up well, not crumbling under the pressure. And we now know what to feed him when he behaves badly: Mustard.

Age: 21 on January 20! Height: 6’2″
Eye color: It changes from day to day, but mostly I’ve been told they’re “hazel.”
Hair color: Blond(e?). Never totally sure about that “e.”
Astrological sign: Depending on the source, I’m either Capricon [sic], Aquarius, or right on the cusp. I usually just go with whichever one will have a better day.
Allergies: I was allergic to mustard as a kid, [sic] Or maybe I just didn’t like it? But I don’t have any allergies that I know of now.
Can you follow orders? Is there an answer other than “yes” when your boss is the one conducting the interview? Though you did order me to have fun with the internship. That one I can probably do.
Are you ever mouthy? (If so, please explain…): Not mouthy in a Julia Roberts, my-face-IS-my-mouth kind of way. I mouth off, yes. Often. Mainly on Twitter. I’ve gotten into it with Roland Martin and Keith Olbermann. Meghan McCain blocked me :(. Sometimes I troll on weird hashtags. But I can mouth off in real life, too.
Last time you lost your temper and why? I never lose my cool.