Meet the Anti-PR PR Firm. Confused yet?

In the wonderful world of agency life, there exists the temptation to reduce prices for fear of clients looking at the menu from right to left (think about it, frugal folk). You are flooded with new business propositions, cross-selling, upselling and determining what works best.

And then, here comes some anonymous ne’er-do-well who founded a startup firm while working out of mom’s garage, surrounded by the nicely kept Star Wars action figures still in their original packaging. The price he offers your client is nearly half of what you pitched. Sure, you know the aphorism “You get what you pay for,” but try telling that to a client living on a budget.

To that point I introduce possible ne’er-do-well Ryan Evans, who wants to unweave the tapestry of PR like a cat in heat with a newly shewn ball of yarn.

Evans, who owns and operates BiteSize PR according to this story from Chicago Grid, has declared a goal to “reverse the flow of information between public relations and journalists.”

“It’s not a PR agency as people typically think of it,” Evans says.

“A lot of clients are essentially paying us to keep an eye out for media opportunities, so the idea is that if we can grow the numbers of media opportunities, we can grow our client list in the PR business.”

Uh, yeah. About that? That’s what we do. So where’s the hubbub about this unique reversal process? Oh wait, I got it. Are you talking about research, pitching and securing stories for clients in a world where said clients are so busy with the daily grind that they hire a PR firm to get them exposure?

That reversal process?! Yeah, we do that too.

And then there’s getting to know journalists and learning about their processes to pitch stories internally and what precisely they need for something to put in print or on TV. What you have created is a PR tool — albeit a nice one much like HARO or even ProfNet with SourceSleuth (cheap, unrequested plug) — but a tool nonetheless.

The spin in your own pitch is catchy to people who don’t know the difference. The rest of us here at PRNewser prefer to be carpenters who will use your tool (among others) and hammer it out until we drop. At least, that’s just us. (Clients, call me?)