Meet Rupe’s Barber

0912ancona.jpgMeet Rupert Murdoch‘s barber. His name is Joseph Ancona and he works out of Salon Fodera, located in the St. Regis Hotel’s basement. He also cuts the hair of, among others, Carl Icahn and James Kilts.

How much do haircuts from Ancona cost? Apparently, Murdoch pays $65 for his haircut.

Normally, we’d have a raging dislike for anyone who gives trims to plutocrats. But something tells us that we’d get along with Ancona just fine:

One well-known head Ancona decidedly doesn’t style is Donald Trump. But that doesn’t stop him from offering up a few thoughts on the Donald’s do. “His part starts here,” he says, motioning to his right ear, “then goes back, comes forward, and goes back again. His hair must reach his chest, that’s how long it is.”

Why would he do that? we wonder. “Because he’s bald, that’s why,” says Ancona. His solution: “A nice hairpiece.”

(Image courtesy Fortune)