Meet Gregory And Fischer

Meet the Press host David Gregory and executive producer Betsy Fischer are profiled by American University’s Magazine– did you know they’re both alum and friends from their undergraduate days? The duo didn’t have far to go from their roots at AU– the NBC Washington bureau which houses the Meet set is just across the street from campus.

Gregory says of his EP: “If she gets in my ear it’s because she’s got a good suggestion to make, and I take it… We’re really in sync, so she’s either saying you should move on to this other thing, or here’s a smart point to make. One of the real challenges is- are you present in every moment, are you listening to everything not just thinking about where you want to go. I do think I can do my best if I’m really in that moment, and she’s in that moment as well.”

And Fischer: “Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined I would be in the news business.”

Read on about how the show comes together and how the two work together here.