Meerkat Introduces Cameo, a Way for Viewers to Interact With Stream — and Facebook Integration

This week, Meerkat introduced a new feature that allows viewers to take over and contribute to a live feed on the app.

Meerkat this week introduced a new feature that allows viewers to take over and contribute to a live feed on the app. Called Cameo, the feature allows the filmer to select a viewer to appear on screen for up to 60 seconds.

The Meerkat team blogged about Cameo:

Broadcasters can now invite viewers to take over their stream for up to sixty seconds. It’s a simple yet powerful way to create a deeper human connection with people — going from “broadcasting to” towards “broadcasting with.” — This is the first of many steps to come towards our long-term vision for participatory live-streaming.

With Cameo, Meerkat becomes one step more intimate and two steps more powerful for spontaneous shared experiences.

For the videographer, here’s how it works:

  • Tap on a viewer’s profile and invite them to cameo into the stream (or comment “Cameo @username.”)
  • Once accepted, the viewer takes over the stream for up to 60 seconds
  • Both people can end the cameo at any time, at which point the video returns to the original broadcaster

When a cameo invitation is accepted, that person’s followers will receive a notification inviting them to view the stream.

How can you find friends on Cameo? Through Facebook. After Meerkat saw its connection to Twitter slashed, the app integrated Facebook permissions:

You can now connect your Facebook profile and we’ll automatically let you know when one of your friends and Pages you follow join and start streaming. By connecting Meerkat with Facebook, we greatly increase the chances that you will be able to take part in conversations, events and moments with those whom you are most familiar.

Meerkat stressed that nothing would be posted automatically to Facebook when you engage with the app.

Lastly, Meerkat is introducing a way to save streams you’ve conducted:

You can now easily save your stream directly to your own personal Meerkat Library at the end of the broadcast. Just go to and login to manage your private saved streams history. You choose which streams to share publicly.


Readers: What do you think of the new features?