MeeGo for Mobile Devices= Maemo + Moblin – Not a 9000 Year Old TV Alien Character

First things first: This is not an off-topic blog item referring to a US TV show about a 9000 year old alien who crash lands on earth. 🙂

Intel’s answer to the mobile internet device platform question is their Linux-based Moblin (with, apparently, some help from Canonical of Ubuntu fame). Meanwhile, Nokia took a look at their aging Symbian S60-based high-end smartphones and decided their futre was Linux-based too. Their platform is called Maemo and is found on their current N900 phone as well as the older N700/N800 internet tablet devices. These two efforts are parallel no more.

It’s not just about mobiles, anymore

The new name is MeeGo and you can find its website here:

This new combined effort is not limited to mobile phones. The MeeGo website specifically identifies five mobile device types: Netbook, Pocketables, In-vehicle, Connected TV, and Media Phone.

The website has a linke for source code downloads. However, these downloads are not available at the moment.