Meebo Weds MySpace and Facebook, Sort Of

We know it’s the closest to the impossible thing to happen – the union of MySpace and Facebook as we all know that these two top social networks are nemesis for so long now. It would probably take a lot to make them work together, oh well at least Meebo wants to try as the official Meebo blog announced that Meebo now support IM sessions from MySpace and Facebook right smack into the Meebo IM client.

It took Meebo several years before it finally supports Facebook and MySpace, joining other IM platforms currently supported by Meebo including GTalk, ICQ, Jabber, Flixter and AIM. Aside from Facebook and MySpace, Meebo also now supports both Yahoo Messenger and MSN Live Messenger.

What this new feature enables you to do is basically to let you enter your Facebook and MySpace account and then let you chat with your friends in both social networks in the Meebo IM Box. As Eric of TC noted, the Meebo-MySpace integration was done through the official MySpace API, so expect to experience a seamless integration between the two from now on.

However, for the Facebook-Meebo integration, this might get stalled later on as Meebo engineers just used reverse engineering with the Facebook IM. So, if Facebook decided to to something with its IM protocols, Meebo will no choice but to turn off the features. However, we really see don’t see any reason why Facebook would do such thing. After all, it’s the age of the Open Web. Everyone seems to be interconnecting and Facebook has even launched its Facebook Connect features. Although it’s a different thing from IM integration, the fact is, Facebook is sending a signal it is open for collaboration with other social media sites.

If there’s one problem with this new features of Meebo, it’s got to be the fact that it will certainly propel its growth to tremendous bounds as it currently is. And this could probably one reason why Facebook would not want to work with Meebo.

Via TechCrunch

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