Meebo Teams with myYearbook to Expand IM

Meebo’s latest partnership is with myYearbook, the social networking site started by teenagers for fellow high schoolers. The partnership includes myYearbook using Meebo chat as a prominent feature on every page of its site, providing chat tools for Meebo users and guests alike.
The partnership should be a win-win for both Meebo and myYearbook, as instant messaging is a highly requested feature from myYearbook users. myYearbook is one of the largest networks dedicated to the high school age demographic. This specific user base is also quite active when it comes to online activity, making it a good fit for Meebo’s chat and media-sharing tools.

With a reported 9.7 million unique monthly users on myYearbook, the partnership with Meebo may seem like a drop in the bucket when compared to the reported 45 million people Meebo reaches overall on a monthly basis. Yet Meebo relies greatly on partner sites for this overall reach, reporting 4.3 million unique users accessed through the new Meebo service through such partnerships for the month of March alone.
Teaming up with third party sites, whether they’re social networks or media hubs, has been a successful way for Meebo to grow. It’s simplistic widget format and ease of use for end users has made it an appealing and mobile chat tool for web use, but direct partnerships enable more robust feature integration from an interface standpoint. Meebo has also taken advantage of its wide distribution to grow its advertising potential.
The past two years have seen a number of new feature and product offerings from Meebo that are rather focused on the marketing potential of Meebo as an interactive chat and media-sharing tool. Things like Meebo Rooms and Meebo’s platform have proven attractive to marketers and developers for enabling users to discuss various products, or for brands to discuss products directly with consumers, etc.