MediSafe App Reminds People To Take Medications

Do you forget to take your allergy medicine or birth control pills? Or does your parent forget to take their heart medicine? There is a new app available designed to help people remember to take prescription medications called the MediSafe Project.

The mobile app uses a cloud-synced database which saves a users’ prescription information and then sends reminders when it’s time to take the medication. You can use it for yourself, but it is also designed for caretakers. The company was founded by two brothers whose diabetic father took two doses of insulin which landed him in the emergency room. Here is more from the company’s site: “They understood if they were more involved in reviewing their father’s daily medication and insulin regimens, it could change his behavior for the better and help him get healthier.”

Since the app launched in November 2012, its users have a reported that they have taken their medication on time 81 percent of the time. The tool is available for both Android and iOS devices.