Medio launches K-Invite, helps developers acquire users through word of mouth

App analytics startup Medio recently launched K-Invite, a new service designed to help mobile game and mobile app developers acquire more users.

Essentially, the Seattle-based company’s K-Invite allows developers to harness the viral power of word of mouth, and be able to track the performance of word of mouth marketing as well. With user acquisition costs higher than ever due to the fierce competition in mobile and openness of the platform, app developers are constantly seeking to find new and creative ways to acquire quality users on the cheap. Many developers promote their apps through ad networks, cross-promotion services, and even Facebook mobile app install ads, but what has shown to be an important user acquisition channel is word of mouth, a user showing another user an app or telling them about it. But tracking this user acquisition vehicle has been difficult.

Developers can integrate K-Invite into their app, which will add a share button, allowing users to share a developer’s app with another user by a sending custom message with an app download link. The one-to-one shared message can be sent from one user to another via SMS, email, Facebook and Twitter. Developers can incentivize users for sending a message to another user by offering in-app rewards.

“The economics of acquiring users from traditional ad networks is no longer sustainable,” said Rob Lilleness, CEO at Medio, in a statement. “With K-Invite, we’re taking full advantage of the lessons we’ve learned on social platforms to create a viral growth mechanism for our customers. By leveraging your network of existing users to acquire new customers, K-Invite helps solve some of the biggest issues developers face today: dwindling ad network inventory, cost-prohibitive pricing and lack of scale.”

K-Invite is offered as part of Medio’s product line, which includes its mobile analytics and lifetime value suite. Medio faces stiff competition in the app analytics space, facing off against competitors like Flurry, Apsalar, Kontagent, Claritics, Localytics, Mixpanel and more.

The first 50 app developers who integrate Medio’s K-Invite SDK will receive 2,500 free end-user app referrals or downloads each month.