Medill In The Mideast

Some Medill faculty has been transplanted from Evanston to Qatar, as part of an initiative by the Qatari government to cherry-pick the best of Western education, according to the Chicago Tribune.


For Northwestern, it’s a no-lose proposition. The Qatari government is paying for everything, including the generous, tax-free salaries and luxury housing for faculty. Qatar will also make some form of “contribution” to Northwestern University, according to Qatari officials.

And this:

It was at the initiative of the emir that Qatar launched the controversial Al Jazeera TV network, which has revolutionized news coverage in the Middle East.

A cross fertilization of ideas between Medill and Al Jazeera is inevitable. Many Qatar students will intern at Al Jazeera, said Roth.

The government that doesn’t tolerate criticism paying to teach its youth to criticize it? We’re gonna love watching this story develop.