Medical Content Aggregator Launched

Whether you’re a professional journalist researching a health topic or a reader seeking information about a specific medical condition, the Internet can be a vast and bewildering place.

logo_netbasetag.jpgNow a “content intelligence” software provider has launched a semantic-based search engine that aggregates medical content from millions of health sites.

NetBase Solutions says its healthBase search engine “automatically find treatments for any health condition or disease; pros and cons of any treatment, medication and food, and more. healthBase enables users to get summarized answers and insights automatically from millions of online sources.”

The key, according to NetBase, is the search engine’s ability to read sentences inside documents and to linguistically understand their meaning and context. healthBase searches and aggregates content from millions of medical sites, including WebMD,, Medical News Today, and yes, Wikipedia.

NetBase promises that each question submitted to healthBase “takes seconds to answer and is equivalent to someone manually reading thousands of documents.” Think of the time that will save researchers, journalists and hypochondriacs.

You can try out healthBase yourself here and check out a demo video below.

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