Media’s Goaaaaaaal: Trap, Feed World Cup Buzz


Today marks the first day of the World Cup, and it’s not just Henry Kissinger who’s excited about it. The New York Times is blogging the Cup. Google is offering live scores on its home page. American journalists are talking down to their readers. Media friends of ours took 3-hour lunches to watch Germany-Costa Rica, and at least one returned drunk. We’re contemplating a media hooligans society.

Some selected World Cup media links:

  • World Cup Blog [NYT]
  • 95 percent of competing countries’ TV sets tuned to games. [NYT]
  • World Cup Shuts Down Germany [UPI]
  • German Chancellor Angela Merkel released her debut video podcast on Thursday — a pep talk for the nation that urges it to use the World Cup as an opportunity to show everyone the best sides of Germany. [Reuters]
  • Glitch-free World Cup seen key to mobile TV future [Reuters via WaPo]
  • News Flash: Soccer’s Huge [Chicago Reader]