MediaPost: Obama’s Mobile Campaign Delivers


If you want a successful mobile advertising campaign, look to the political front. At least, that’s what MediaPost‘s Dan Hodges, argues, saying that the Obama campaign has shown the advertising industry a template that other brands should use integrating mobile marketing.

“In fact, text message reminders sent to young people on or before the day of the 2008 primary elections increased the likelihood that they would vote by 4.6%.”

Hodges goes on to identify four primary questions that the Obama campaign had to answer on the mobile side, along with how they actually addressed each one. “In 2015, people ages 18 to 31 will comprise more than one-third of all voter,” Hodges writes. “Gen Ys carry and rely on cell phones, and last-minute text messages are probably the most effective reminder—better than a piece of mail, a call to a land line, and definitely, a knock on the door.”