Mediaplanet Prepares to Empower Bay Area Female Tech Leaders

As a Mediaplanet Publishing project manager, Janel Gallucci (pictured) oversaw a series of four 2010-12 USA TODAY 16 to 24-page broadsheet insert sections titled “Investing in Women & Girls.” The success of that campaign has led Gallucci to San Francisco, where she is newly installed as a managing director and working on a similar initiative to be published through the San Francisco Chronicle.

The impetus for Mediaplanet’s upcoming July 5 section is pretty clear. According to Gallucci, only three percent of tech startups are female-led and women are receiving just one percent of venture capital funding.

“We’re the global leader in themed media,” Gallucci tells FishbowlLA via telephone. “What that means is we partner with the top newspapers around the world to produce niche, focused publications.”

“For the USA TODAY series, our editorial team authored all the content, but it was unbiased,” she adds. “So it’s not an advertorial in any way, and the content was all about raising awareness in this global ‘women and girls’ movement.”

The group of ad sponsors that underwrote the USA TODAY series included Goldman Sachs, Intel, Save the Children and CARE. On the editorial side for that series, Mediaplanet touched on the efforts of the UN, Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton and others.

For the upcoming Chronicle section, titled “Empowering Female Leaders,” Mediaplanet is adding something new: a parallel digital campaign that will start the same day and live online for a month. It’s the result of a recent consolidation within Mediaplanet of the separate print and digital divisions.

“We will be driving traffic to the digital version not just through the Chronicle but other major outlets such as USA TODAY, and the Chicago Tribune,” Gallucci explains.

“The section will be focused on female business leaders, female-led start-ups and entrepreneurship, and really tapping into what’s happening in the San Francisco Bay area right now,” she adds. “There’s just this whole very cool movement. We’re working with everyone from Women 2.0 to the Kauffman Foundation. There’s also Sheryl Sandberg, author of the book Lean In. Our goal is to tap into this on the local level.”

Mediaplanet Publishing has worked previously with both the Chronicle and LA Times, and plans to do so again in future with the LAT as well. The San Francisco office is aiming to publish between ten and 14 special papers per quarter with the Chronicle, LAT and, eventually, other west coast partners.