MediaNews: ‘No Plans’ For ‘National Consolidation’ Of Copydesks

On Friday afternoon, the president of The Newspaper Guild issued a press release saying that MediaNews Group executive chairman Dean Singleton will be consolidating his papers’ copy editing, pagination, and production functions into a centralized national center.

This would not be very surprising, after all, Gannett consolidated those functions into five regional hubs, resulting in hundreds of layoffs and Media General opened three centers to save $1 million per year starting this year. But MediaNews Group, which owns the San Jose Mercury News, the St. Paul Pioneer Press, and many more papers, has no such plans for a “national consolidation.”

Singleton refuted the charges and blasted the Guild for sending out an “irresponsible” press release.

However, he specifically refuted the “national consolidation,” not any consolidation, we note. And Singleton’s rebuttal ends:

While we constantly assess better ways to serve our readers in this changing and uncertain world, including the Guild in these considerations are not a part of those assessments.

The irresponsible Guild press release is a perfect example of why we don’t.

There is no future for any of us if we continue to live in the past. Someone should tell that to the Guild.