MediaJobsDaily’s State Of The Job Boards

It’s time for another round of the State of the Job Boards post, where we show you just how various media job boards have fared over the past few months.

A quick refresher: we count the number of jobs posted to each of four boards on a semiregular basis. This report doesn’t do anything to analyze what types of jobs are posted or how many companies are clients; that’s something that will have to wait for round two of this (so bug my bosses if you want to see more of that).

This time we’re formatting the stats a bit differently; since what matters for this particular report is the relative, not absolute, performance of each board, we’ve tried to get away from actual numbers and are instead measuring the ratio of currently posted jobs to a seasonally-adjusted baseline.

For example, in the graphic below, was featuring far fewer jobs than average in the early part of this year, but is now about 10% above average. has had a volatile year and PRSA’s mega-board is mostly flat, growth-wise.

That said, the numbers of all these boards compared to recession levels are much better.