MediaJobsDaily’s First Ever Job Market Index: The Market Is Stabilizing

After tracking the number of jobs posted to’s board since the beginning of 2010, we can confidently say that the media job market has stabilized, at least for now.
The blue line represents the absolute number of jobs posted on any given day; the red represents a seven-day moving average, which accounts for any weird fluctuations.

After explosive growth in January 2010 when the number of job postings nearly doubled and peaking at the end of January, postings have remained steady at near-1,000 through the months of February and March. We’ve been tracking data on other job boards as well (which we’ll release when we have more information) and based on preliminary data, those boards also appear to have stabilized as far as number of postings go.

Of course, the number of postings only tells part of the story, as some industries are faring better than others. You can go back and read’s Media Jobs Report if you need a refresher. Meanwhile, seeing the number of job postings at a steady level thrills us.

As’s job board director said in January, January is traditionally the best month of the year for job postings, but it sets the pace for the rest of the year.