Mediaite Tommy Christopher’s Wacky Word Spree

In the wee hours of Friday morning, we discovered some interesting words of wisdom from Mediaite’s White House Correspondent Tommy Christopher. If you can look at the screengrab to the right and make ANY sense of that, then you’re smarter than us. Immediately, we picked up the phone to call an ambulance. The last time Christopher sent out nonsensical tweets, the man was having a heart attack. Then we thought it was part of a larger art project. I mean, the tweet, “CASH. What. Me” could easily be the name of a rap album. Considering that the tweets came in the blurry time of day where it could be a late night or early morning, we thought that it might be a drunken series of tweets from an inebriated Christopher who may have passed out on his phone. But this appeared to go well beyond the traditional butt dialing.

We frantically reached out to Christopher to make sure that he was okay and that his liver wasn’t going through another bout of Gangrene. He tells FBDC, “My little guy got a hold of my phone. I think this was a meta-critique of my Twitter feed.”

So there you have it. It was just his son taking the phone. That being said, his kid’s tweets still make about as much as much sense as Politico’s Jonathan Martin’s on a good day.