Mediaite to Debut Three Sites in 2010

MediaiteLogo.jpgMediaite announced that it will debut three new sites in 2010: fashion and beauty site Styleite, “geek” culture-targeted Geekosystem and Power Grid spinoff SportsGrid.

Founder Dan Abrams posted:

We’re hoping to bring the formula of smart, up-to-the-minute coverage and consumer-focused content to three new areas: style, geek culture and sports. All three new sites will have a version of our wildly popular and much-debated Power Grid, which ranks executives, pundits, celebrities and thought leaders in a particular field.

Styleite will be a fashion and beauty site with significant user-generated content and, eventually, integrated e-commerce. It will combine news about the runway world of classic haute couture with the happenings of the up-and-coming street-style community.

Geekosystem will celebrate and cover “geek” culture with reports and analysis on the myriad aspects of geekdom: from gadgets and video games to comic books and science fiction. The site will merge the content aggregation of popular “Internet Culture” destinations with the editorial voice of the post-Web 2.0 generation of geek luminaries.

SportsGrid will generate content primarily from our most complex Power Grid to date. This will combine multiple financial, statistical and media metrics to determine who are the biggest forces in all aspects of sports, on and off the field.

The style, geek culture and sports coverage on Mediaite has already garnered significant attention and accolades, and we will bring the same blend of unique content and attitude to these new sites, as well. Editors and more details will be announced in the weeks to come, but many of the lead figures in these projects will come from within the existing Mediaite family.