Mediaite’s Mr. X and Delusions of…Adequacy

Tommy Christopher is White House Correspondent for Mediaite, but who is the real Tommy Christopher? That’s a question no one asked before yesterday, and probably one no one will ask again after today. But it was asked yesterday, and the asking of it started a pissing match between the aforementioned and alleged Mr. Christopher and The Daily Caller’s Jeff Poor.

Poor wrote a story yesterday pointing out that Mediaite’s White House Correspondent’s name is not Tommy Christopher. Fine, it’s true, his name is not Tommy Christopher. But Poor incited Christopher’s wrath by opening his piece with a simple question: “What if the first two words in every story you have written for a particular outlet were a blatant effort to mislead your readers?”

While a pen name is hardly a Stephen Glass or Jayson Blair moment (hell, I use one), the alleged Mr. Christopher never misses an opportunity to promote himself…no matter how small the audience may be, no matter the state of his rusty, smokey, vocal chords.

The apparent Tommy took to the only outlet insignificant enough to care about a non-controversy involving a self-promoting writer – The Ed Morrissey Show on U-Stream. (The interview starts at the 1 hour mark, the fun starts…I’m kidding, the fun never starts.)

The (as of this writing) 82 people who watched Morrissey’s interview with the supposed Christopher were treated to the equivalent of watching paint dry while the painter bragged about how flat the paint is. In other words, it was seriously boring.

The hypothetical White House correspondent admitted that he thinks very highly of himself (though not highly enough to have the dignity to simply pass on a chance to have his Little Rascals “Froggy” voice sent out to an uninterested Internet. He also widely considers himself to be a “public figure,” which he has voiced several times in the past 48 hours. Whatever the imaginary Christopher’s real name is, someone “more famous” than him already has it. This limits the possibilities to everyone on the planet, which just so happens to be the polar opposite of the number of people who really care.

But we do love watching a good fight, and this one has been entertaining, at least in the comment section…

Aunt_Denise posted: Well, let’s see. He smoke like a girl and has a bad comb-over. Does that help?

Psaltriparus added: If you had posted this article under a fake name, it would still be just as pathetic.

A few commenters harkened back to the fictional Tommy’s full-blown embrace of other fictional characters in the WeinerGate scandal.

But the last word in this pathetic penis measuring contest goes to the only person it could, the purported Christopher himself, in the form of an admittedly poor attempt at humor. He took to Twitter to ask, “So, has @DailyCaller started a new wingnut movement…the #XTophers?” He explained on the Morrissey show that this was supposed to be a take on the word “birthers.”

No, “Tommy” the only “movement” you inspire involves a toilet.