#MediaFail: Westboro Baptist ‘Church’ Thinks JFK is in Hell

As the world plans on descending on Dallas next week for the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination, guess who else is coming to my fair burg? Westboro. (As a seminarian, I refuse to call these nefarious douchenozzles a church.)

With all the goodwill in Dallas, conspiracy nuts coming to town in their unmarked white vans and global press, why is Westboro coming to…oh, wait a minute. And there lies the rub. Media, this is your fault.

Here’s an example: Westboro has posted on its website that JFK has been in hell for 50 years. Why? November marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK.  You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy, than the JFK Whitehouse. (Someone see Darth Vader around here because that smacks of a rejected line from a ‘Star Wars’ script.)

IMHO, Westboro is afflicted with the same media whoredom of any Kardashian, Jersey Shore tool, Paris Hilton, Beliebers and Miley “put that kimono dragon tongue of yours back in your mouth” Cyrus: The media won’t leave them alone. 

Why can’t people just let those dolts be, like they did with Mandy Moore, Star Jones and that borderline child-pedo who brought us the ‘Shamwow’? If there was no camera to stick in their collective mugs when they opened the door, they would vanish. But no, there is always some dufus editor who says in a pitch meeting, “So, wonder what Westboro is up to these days?”

JFK may be in hell. Who knows? Who cares? What matters is the secondary reports that will deter from “Who was there when 50 years ago” to a rainbow coalition of “God hates [insert your vice in the blank].” The only reason their website gets traffic and the “church” name keeps showing up on Google alerts is because of TMZ and your local news. In the words of famous old woman, “Just say no!” 

My next challenge to the media: Remember why Kim Kardashian is famous. Then, go cover some strippers. No? Well, your move.