Mediabistro’s Twitter Resolutions

If you’re not on Twitter yet, you’re going to continue to be irked by people asking you,”Are you on Twitter yet?” You are the same person that just recently figured out that MySpace is no longer cool and Facebook isn’t really either but it’s still WAY better than MySpace.

Anyway, Twitter or what is being called microblogging. Because the thing with blogs is that there’s too much to read. You could say Twitter is like crack – but crack heads leave their house once in a while.

Mediabistro started a topic of media resolutions for the new year. Here are some notables:

to make old media stop using the term BLOGGER – blog is ONLY a publishing format. imagine “newspaperer”


to get Media Bistro to stop clogging my tweet stream with resolutions. Plz pic your top 5 or link to a list.


To write a weekly column instead of Twittering my time away…just kidding.

Join the fun here.