Mediabistro’s Job Board Has A Record-Smashing Month

The number of jobs posted on our job board in the last 30 days has crossed 1,000, making January 2010 the best month for media jobs since September 2008. This is, I don’t think anyone will disagree with this, awesome news.

At the beginning of the month (the slow, post-holiday slump?), there were just 500 jobs posted–this growth should encourage anybody looking for a new gig.

“We are definitely climbing out of the dark hole of last year,” said Bill Conneely, director of’s job board, adding that January is traditionally the best month of the year for job postings, but that it traditionally sets the pace for the rest of the year and is therefore a very encouraging sign.

In addition, the growth isn’t coming from just a few, isolated places: “The growth is almost all from more employers being active as opposed to just a few posting more jobs. I think that is a good sign – while individual companies are not yet growing rapidly, more of them are returning to hiring.”

You heard it here, first! Our board is hoppin’.