MediaBistro Talks To Brandon Badger, Product Manager of Google Books

Despite badger.jpgall the controversy over Google Books and the ensuing legal battle, the project itself must go on: there are books to be scanned, and then there are more books to be scanned. It’s a huge job, and somebody’s got to oversee it. That somebody is Stanford computer science alum Brandon Badger, Product Manager of Google Books. He is the subject of today’s What Do You Do Interview on

The interview will of course be of great interest to anyone following the eBook biz, as Google is for better or worse at the heart of the discussion Badger explains some of the practical details to MediaBistro–his management role in Google’s “loose” hierarchy, his pride in his team’s innovative strategies for scanning and creating digital representations of books–and then gets into some of the deeper issues to do with the settlement.

As far as how much he tracks the discussion around the settlement, Badger says, “Yes, I follow it closely…The settlement is a complicated issue, and in my role on the books Web site in the front end, really I’m just focused on building the best user experience I can with the set of data that I have.” He then goes on to talk a bit about his work on Google’s upcoming eBook store, which will, no doubt, be another huge source of controversy. Check it out.