Mediabistro Startups Takes a Tour of Recreate My Night with CEO Tejpaul Bhatia

Tejpaul Bhatia (formerly of ESPN) is the CEO and co-founder of Recreate My Night, a social networking site based in New York that puts all your event photos, videos and status feeds from Facebook and Twitter in one place.
The site is two months into its Beta testing, but because it’s open to the public and still open for feedback Bhatia said “it’s more like a soft launch.”
To enter an event, the user connects through Facebook and is immediately prompted to choose the date and location of the event, as well as the friends who were also there. The tool pulls up all the photos, videos and status updates associated with that date and also includes the event creator’s albums and tagged photos in order to catch any pictures that might have been added after the fact.

The photo album is a click-and-drag collage tool similar to the virtual styling tool on Polyvore.
Once users have gone through and edited their own content they can post a Facebook status update inviting their friends to contribute additional content. The event pages are not created on first come, first served basis – anyone can post a duplicate event page in order to tell the story “from their own perspective,” Bhatia said.

The service is free, although there are currently a handful of commercial clients that pay for their profiles. The music company EMI is currently using the site to document the summer tour of Altlanta-based band The Constellations following the release of their debut album, Southern Gothic on EMI’s Virgin Records.
As of right now this is the website’s only source of income. “We want to wait and see what the customers like before we decide where to invest our resources,” Bhatia explains, referring to the premium features for which other commercial websites charge their users. A large “feedback” button on the right side navigation bar offers a forum for users to make suggestions.
There is currently no advertising on the site, although Bhatia says he might consider it in the future if he finds an agency that can make the advertising onobtrusive and fun. “It definitely won’t be the traditional banner ads,” he says.
In the meantime the site has the support of its parent company MediaMerx, a technology firm that creates online video content for providers such as A&E and Meredith Broadcasting, a service referred to in the “About Us” page as Recreate My Night’s “day job.” Bhatia co-founded MediaMerx in 2007 with funding from a group of Angel investors and has since created a number of other commercial websites including, a website where users can search for videos by interest and location.
Bhatia says that was “a great site” in terms of functionality, but that it didn’t pull enough income on its own to be viable as a separate business. Two months into the launch Recreate My Night has already attracted 150,000 unique visitors, which Bhatia says is less of an indicator of success than the traffic they’ll get when those visitors get their friends to sign up. If the site can get enough traction, Bhatia says he just might quit his day job.