Mediabistro Interview: Phil Hendrie

For the briefest of moments before my recent chat with radio mimic extraordinaire Phil Hendrie, I was tempted to ask him to do portion of our Mediabistro “So What Do You Do?” interview as a fictitious character. Say, maybe, a disgruntled unemployed AM radio vet bitching about guys like Phil Hendrie taking away all the good jobs.

The truth is, Hendrie has always worked very hard for his success. This fall, at age 61 with stepson Alex Cohen at his side, he’s got the sleeves rolled up for another run at U.S. syndication bragging rights with his modified version of The Phil Hendrie Show. From our Q&A:

“If you want to be real honest, the radio show is a billboard for the digital business. My [website] subscription business makes really good money. The radio show right now, and for the last six years, has not.

Radio just in general is in the sh*tter. So, what can I use my radio show for? Well, I can use it as a billboard for digital, which is exactly what we do.

Hendrie’s program is more Firesign Theater and The Goon Show than it’s ever been. Find an “Aphiliate” near you (or on the Internet) and take a listen. And read the full Mediabistro interview here.