Mediabistro Demo Reel Intensive Framed by Numerous Success Stories

The Demo Reel Shoot portion of Mediabistro’s upcoming tiered Reel Reporting intensive in Los Angeles the weekend of November 13-16 is not cheap. However, when it comes to putting together an entertainment or TV news reporting reel that can lead to a real job, the old adage applies: you get what you pay for.


Before investing in the Reel Reporting course, Julie Parise was producing Web journalism for CBS New York. Soon after putting something together with program founder Stephanie Tsoflias, she landed a full-time on-camera job with Augusta, Georgia ABC-TV affiliate WJBF-TV.

“The news director, when she hired me, said my reel was really impressive,” Parise recalls via telephone. “And I knew that a lot of the other reporters that applied either had their own reels or college reels. So this was probably a little more professional looking.”

“The cool thing about the course is that you’re doing real reporting,” Parise continues. “You’re out in the field all day, tracking stories and editing them on the fly.”

ReelReportingLogoParise knew that she wanted to relocate to the South, so she targeted various TV stations in smaller markets. The Georgia station was one of three that got back to her and proved to be the one that she liked the best. But Parise got job offers from all three and started at WBJF at the beginning of the year.

This all makes perfect sense when you consider the background of Tsoflias. The creator of Reel Reporting has been a TV reporter for ten years, working in Florida, Southern California and New York. At PIX 11, she won an Emmy Award for her Hurricane Sandy reporting and there, met the colleague with whom she is partnered on Reel Reporting – Kenton Young. Tsoflias says that so far, over 40% of the program’s students have gone on, like Parise, to land on-air jobs.

Also participating in the LA November 13-16 course offerings with Tsoflias and Mediabistro are KTLA’s Doug Kolk and entertainment personality Chelsea Cannell. Full info here.

[Photo courtesy: WJBF/Parise]