Mediabistro Holiday Party…A No-Speech Zone

National Geographic’s Heather Cabral and Lift’s Rael Nelson James

Dornic showcases the name tag.

The scene.

Meatballs and french fries.

The scene inside One Lounge Tuesday night was dark and festive. The fare was meatballs and french fries. The crowd? Media types who were either looking for a job or who wanted to spend an evening networking in a friendly, holiday atmosphere with red paper mache spheres hanging from the ceiling.

My partner in crime, FBDC’s Matt Dornic, and I reluctantly wore name tags. (In truth, he guilted/threatened me into it.) He thankfully ripped the name tag off me at the next party when I forgot.

One Senate aide showed up  and cryptically only gave his first name (his name tag only bore his first name, which I’m not going to share for secrecy purposes). He has a blog on the side about non-scandalous job opportunities. Also in the midst was publicist and blogger Janet Donovan and One Lounge rep Dannia Hakki.

When it came time for speeches, Mediabistro’s lively party volunteer and NPR employee Marc Allon Pultuskier would not take to the stage (or in this case, a microphone) unless we did. Despite much chiding, we couldn’t convince him.

And well, we’re not professional lounge singers so we declined.

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