presents: ‘The 12-Week Novelist’ and ‘The 6-Week Mystery Novelist’

It took Melville about seven years to write Moby-Dick. It took God nineteen thousand years to write the Bible. (I’m guesstimating on that one.) But that’s only because this blog’s hausfrau,, wasn’t around back then to offer its course ‘The 12-Week Novelist’ in which you will start and finish a novel within three months. It’s taught by longtime FishbowlLA friend, novelist/essayist/journalist/raconteur Rachel Resnick.

The class starts next week and meets on Wednesdays in Santa Monica. You have to submit a writing sample to get in. (If you don’t have a writing sample, consider taking the seminar ‘The 20-Minute Writing Sample.’)

More info here. Oh, and for you bad boys and girls, whose psyches naturally turn to darkness and evil (which reminds me, hi, mom), is also offering ‘The 6-Week Mystery Novelist,’ taught by acclaimed crime novelist Gar Anthony Haywood. This one starts next Thursday. More info here. Again, a writing sample is required. ‘Cause we ain’t playing.