presents: Introduction to Copywriting

What are you doing tonight? Well, it’s Monday, so your social calendar is probably empty (no offense, but we know our readership). Which means that you’ll probably be consuming some sort of media product: a magazine or television show or some such. (Again, what can we say? We know how you live.) Which in turn means you’ll be exposed to carefully-crafted advertising and/or marketing messages. But instead of being led like a lamb to the slaughter of consumerism, why not spend the evening learning how become a copy-writer, thus leading others to the slaughter of consumerism?

Tonight, this blog’s proud sponsor is offering an Introduction to Copywriting seminar. The multiple-award-winning instructor, John Scott Lewinski, will teach you the skills you need to write web copy, press releases, brochures, newsletters, direct response mailings, and sales, advertising, and marketing copy. He’ll also give you pointers on how to market your skills.

It’s cheap, it’s extremely informative, and it starts in about three hours. More info here.