Mediabistro Circus: “Corporate Lifelines” and “Corporate Branding”

The Mediabistro Circus today kicked off with author Keith Ferrazzi, author of the bestseller, “Who’s Got Your Back?” Stressing the need to find “corporate lifelines,” Ferrazzi spoke about the value of mutually beneficial success among colleagues.

“We need someone to have our backs, to help nurture our success,” he said.

To the cellphone and keyboard-using crowd, he said: “What you’re twittering right now, what your blogging about right now, what you’re talking about, is the zeitgeist of our society.”

The journalists in the audience, who he described as “lonely and often cynical,” were encouraged to find groups to explore their personal and professional futures. For himself, it’s “what should I be publishing online? How do I create a new model for the publishing industry?”

Next up was Steve Rubel, SVP, Edelman Digital, who described the way companies are using social media to connect with their customers. He offered a few suggestions — identify “corporate all-stars” in the company already using the tools, and “build digital embassies.”

The embassies would include individuals who fit in both the corporate community and the new media community they’re inhabiting. “Do as many as you can at once with real faces,” said Rubel. “Personal brands are laddering up to corporate brands.”

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