Media: The fat alcoholic at the bar

Anderson, Geraldo, Shepard, the lot of you: You’ve been spared. (Okay, everyone besides CNN’s Carol Costello and Chad Myers who get ridiculed in the Moment of Zen)

Last night’s verdict from King Stewart:

“The news media–normally I have much to say about the news media–I have to tell you: the news media’s spine, their emotional coverage, their bravery, I thought those things were vestigial, things that were from a past, that you know, the mic was just there for no reason. I used to work at bar…called the Bottom Half in New Jersey. There was a fat guy there who was an alcoholic…and he just sat there, drinking and being fat. And one day, someone tried to break into his car in the parking lot. And we told him and he got up and ran out there and beat two people with a tire iron. And I remember thinking: Holy shit! That guy can move! I had no idea he could move! That’s how I feel about the media. They are to be commended.”