Media Softball Update

In Week Two action in the Metropolitan Media Softball League, WTTG, CNN, The Gazette, the Washington Times, Team Video, Atlantic Video, CBS News and Allbritton all posted sweeps. With all that winning, their naturally has to be some losing and as such, Discovery Channel, ABC News, Comcast Sportsnet, WRC, WUSA, the Washington Post, AP and the City Paper all had winless weekends.

The despair of the City Paper was aptly related here, where Mark Athitakis said:

    …[O]ur performance in the second game at Layhill was every bit as brutal as the 22-1 final score suggests; clearly Atlantic Video is hungry after making an early exit in the playoffs last year. Swunting is no use against a team that was still working hard to make put-outs even when the game’s outcome was certain. All we could do was watch the hammering, as the photo above shows; that’s me on the right, softly sobbing and looking forward to the bye week.

There are no games scheduled this weekend, but look for the action to pick back up next week. Will CNN, Fox 5 and the Gazette remain undefeated? Will the City Paper’s “swunt” work its magic? Will ABC News actually win a game? The answers to these questions and more will be provided next Saturday — on the field.